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It's a private studio in Manhattan (Flatiron) located at 5th ave & 27th - 2 min from 28st on R/W line. No walk-in. Please text 9173100290 to make an appointment!


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Early appointments available from 7am!


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We do not accept credit cards, please bring cash for service and gratuity.


Price depends on the quality and quantity of lashes that you are getting. First time customers get 30% discount of full set!



Got questions? Here's the answer!

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are synthetic lashes that are made to replicate natural eyelashes. It lets you add the length and thickness to your eyelashes without damaging your own lashes. If it’s classic lashes, only one extension will be glued onto one natural lash. If it’s volume lashes, multiple extensions will be glued onto your one natural lash.

What are the difference between classic lashes and volume lashes?


Classic lashes – 1 lash extension is glued to 1 natural lash. Popular thickness for each extension is either 0.15mm or 0.20mm. Great way to extend and thicken your lashes. But there’s a limit to the volume since only 1 extension can be applied to 1 natural lash. If you don’t have enough natural lashes, extensions cannot be attached.

Volume lashes – Multiple lash extensions are glued to 1 natural lash. Average thickness for each extension is either 0.05mm or 0.07mm. It creates more volume since more extensions are attached to 1 natural lash. And it’s perfect for filling the gaps. Extensions for volume lashes (0.05mm~0.07mm)  are extremely thin and light. Multiple volume lash extensions could be either same weight as 1 classic lash extension or even lighter, therefore it doesn’t damage your natural lashes. But technicians must have the skills and experience to know what’s the right thickness, length, and quantity for one particular natural lash. If technicians don’t have the ability to assess, volume lashes could be damaging to your lashes. But this applies to the classic lashes as well. It’s just the volume lashes are more complicated and that’s why customers need to be careful more when choosing the technician.


Will the Extensions damage my own lashes?

No. It won’t damage your natural lashes as long as it’s applied correctly and you take care of it properly. It’s easy to say but surprisingly a lot of technicians don’t know how to properly apply eyelash extensions or too busy to care about long term lash health of customers.


How long do they last?

New set lasts for up to 8 weeks but people come back in 2 to 3 weeks to replace any eyelashes that may have fallen out. How long your eyelash extensions will last depends on…

  • How clean your lashes are when extensions are applied
  • Level of technician’s skill
  • How well you follow the aftercare instructions
  • Your own natural eyelash growth cycle


How long is the process?

The process takes about 1 hour to 1.5 hours for the full set depending on the amount of lashes you are getting. The refill will take about 45-60min depending on the lash condition. If you are coming for the first time, additional 15 min will be spent for the consultation. Full set for the volume lashes will 2~3hrs depending on the amount of lashes you are getting. The refill will take about 60-120min depending on the lash condition.


What does refill work?

First, I take off old extensions that are twisted, grew too long, or are hanging. (I leave the extensions that are in a good condition) And then I add new extensions. Let’s say you’d like to have 100 extensions per eye but after 3 weeks you have 50 extensions left, then I add additional 50 extensions to make the lash count back to 100 lashes.


What can I do to prepare when you are ready to get eyelash extensions?

Take shower as close as possible to the appointment time since you cannot take shower for 24-48hrs after the application. Arrive with no make-up. If your lashes are dirty, glue won’t stick better and extensions won’t last long. To have a more relaxed experience, avoid any caffeinated beverages before the application. Eye twitching could occur if you have caffeinated beverages. If your contact lenses get dry after closing eyes for a while, please bring a container for you to store the contact lenses. If it doesn’t get dry, it’s ok to keep the contact lenses during the procedure.


Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions?
Yes. However, there are some makeup products you shouldn’t wear.

<Be Careful to Use> 

Pencil liner – No, if you have to drag a pencil liner along the lash line. If you are scraping your lash line with a pencil liner, you’ll slowly weaken the glue bond that’s the root of your lashes. Also it leads your eyelash extensions to get tangled.

<Do Not Use>

Products that have oil – Oil cause the extensions to fall off. So no creamy pencils or creamy shadows.

Gel liner – Gel eyeliners can leave a gummy residue on extensions and almost impossible to remove completely when you have eyelash extensions. Forcing to remove the gel liner could cause the extensions to fall off or damage your lashes. If you leave the gummy residue on your lash line, it’ll clog your lash pore and prevents your natural lashes to grow. Eventually your natural lashes will be thinner.

Waterproof liquid eyeliner – Water-resistant or waterproof liquid liners are hard to remove. If it requires rubbing or repeatedly touching your lashes to remove it, it will cause the extensions to fall off faster.

Mascara – Mascara has lots of oil in it and it cause the extensions to fall off very quickly. It hard to remove without putting pressure as well. Also if technicians are choosing extensions (thickness & length) that are right weight for your natural lashes, it defeats the purpose by adding more weight on your lashes.


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